Why this course is different

100% Actionable. No fluffy theories like "Appreciate irony."

  • Celebrities' templates & lines observed from analyzing 1,000+ talk show clips

  • Actionable tactics you can apply in everyday situations instantly

  • Tested by 100's of excited people in real life to ensure they work

Course curriculum

PPPPPeak, peak, peak inside!

    1. Why this course is different

    2. Benefits of being funny

    3. How to use this course

    4. What makes something funny

    5. E-book: Become Funny in 14 Days

    1. Day 1: World's #1 easiest way to be funny

    2. Day 2: World's 2nd easiest way to be funny

    3. Day 3: Use your identity

    4. Day 4: 3 Ways to say exactly the opposite

    5. Day 5: Link, immediately

    6. Day 6: 3rd time is a charm

    7. Day 7: Change 1 part

    1. Day 8: What to say to "Sorry"

    2. Day 9: What to say when you feel uncomfortable or don't want to answer a question

    3. Day 10: How to respond to compliments

    4. Day 11: How to compliment others (in an unforgettable way)

    5. Day 12: How to respond to requests

    6. Day 13: How to respond to teasing

    7. Day 14: How to tease others (respectfully)

    8. 14 Exact lines to be witty, instantly

    1. Step-by-step plan for what to do next

About this course

  • $29.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

What's included in this course

Although E.B. White said, "Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. No one enjoys it and the frog dies of it." I did it anyway --- hope some people will enjoy it and no one dies.

  • 21 Video Classes

    $149 value

    This course is designed as a 14-day program for easy learning & application. Multiple examples demonstrate each tactic.

  • E-book: Become Funny in 14 Days

    $17 value

    If you prefer reading, you got it! This 14-day program is also available in e-book form.

  • 14 Witty Exact Lines

    $10 value

    14 witty exact lines for the most common situations. You can use them to be witty TODAY and EVERY DAY.

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